Wedding Wishes – Hip Hop Dance 101- Bboying & Breakdancing Video

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stylish Tony

Vancouver, BC, Canada: Changster Bboys are in the house again breakdancing (but not breaking a leg) and bboying. The highly awarded crews of performers are back with a new video and performance at a wedding reception in Surrey BC Canada. At the plush Dhaliwal Banquet Hall, they were fulfilling wedding wishes with a hip hop dance performance and are available for various projects from events, parties, to video and film.

Following the South Asian cultural wedding wishes, the crew integrated bhangra fusion onto the urban hip hop styles in the mix and dance. Showing the skills of hip hop dance in the form of breakdance and bboying, the crew flexed their talents and the adaptability of hip hop culture and dance to fit with the current party and celebration. Taking an adage from Bruce Lee by being like water, it showed hip hop and the crew can fit in with the all crowds and work well. Embodying hip hop culture and hip hop dance, this group of breakdancers have you locked and can be reached at by the mentioned emails and numbers for all bookings and performances.

You can view the cool dance video at a wedding at the above embedded player and link.

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The music is family friendly and mixed and selected by Changster DJ ( Some beats are also produced and created by Changster DJ aka Ju$t Jun MC.


About Changster Bboyz and Changster DJ:
From Vancouver BC Canada, a crew of hip hop aficionados that are also professionals in the performing and creation aspects of bboying and breakdancing, deejaying, emceeing, and music creation are Changster Bboyz and Changster DJ aka Ju$t Jun MC. The Changster Bboyz are responsible for the dance and movement aspect. Changster DJ is responsible for the music.

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