New Single/Hip Hop: Just Jun MC – Tell Me

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Representing hip hop culture coming straight out of Vancouver British Columbia Canada, is an MC, rapper, and producer, Just Jun MC. New to many ears, he drops the single “Tell Me”, a song depicting a poetic music of trying to ease a loved one’s worries and asking them to tell their issues and open up their bottle to them. The song also tells that the person singing will do all they can and lets them know their grounds to do so. The song is available free/by donation and is for the upcoming “Tony Vu Computer” mixtape.

Just Jun MC releases the single “Tell Me”, a hip hop single which is a song about love and honoring loved ones. The song speaks of listening to your loved ones problems and assuring them you will do all your best to fix them and have their back 200%. It is a Hip Hop single and is written, composed, and produced by Just Jun MC, whom is an artist from Vancouver BC Canada.

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The song is catchy and fresh, with a new take and concept utilizing hip hop. The song is an epiphany for the soon to come “Tony Vu Computer” Mixtape, which is an ode to using what you have to do what you do, much like a rose from the concrete. In this case, a simple laptop computer was used and will be all home made to create artistic expression.

The single “Tell Me” is available for download free of charge or by donation of your choice at which you can click or copy and paste into your browser.

Most all, enjoy the fresh hip hop and look out for the upcoming “Tony Vu Computer” mixtape which will also be available by free or donation.

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For more information page 778-308-7250 or email tony[at] for all media inquiries, much blessings to you and yours.