I am the one and only, the original, Stylish Tony…

I am a lover of the arts, film, and music, especially Hip Hop and Urban culture.  I do the work of publicists, publicity, public relations for hip hop and urban culture products, artists, and films.  I am open to other projects but my focus is on those aspects listed prior.  I believe in quality and will work with unknown artists, products, films, that are respectful and grand in their enjoyment, as well as more established figures.

I am also a fan of fine wining and dining and enjoy a fantastic meal and fantastic beverage.  Food and beverage is an art and you can tell if someone has talent with the culinary and such.  Nothing like a fantastic meal and drinks by yourself and with friends, over the background of some great music and entertainment.

You may contact me at the form below.

Much gracious thanks and blessings.


Stylish Tony
Phone: 778-308-7250
Email: tony[at]stylishtony.com