Papoose – Bank (Smoky Jazz Remix) (prod by @ChangsterDJ) @papooseonline #vancitybuzz #papoose #hiphop

Papoose is a Liberian American emcee and rapper from Bedstuy, out in Brooklyn New York USA. He came into prominence after hooking up with Kool G Rap on one of his tracks and then later on with DJ Kay Slay. His Kay Slay collaboration was the infamous “Alphabetical Slaughter” song, which features Papoose rapping and rhyming the whole alphabet…

Since then he has become a well known hip hop artist with a slew of mixtapes…

This is for his new song “Bank” which is featured on his new album “You Can’t Stop Destiny” which is out now on Itunes. The song was remixed and is known as the “Smoky Jazz Remix” which is produced by Changster DJ. The song’s instrumental has a laid back and relaxed to the max vibe, reminiscent of acid jazz or similar types of lounge music, with a smoky haze of marijuana in the air.

The song can be viewed at the above Youtube Player for “Papoose – Bank (smoky jazz remix)” to be streamed and listened to, for your audio sonic pleasure.

Changster DJ is new to many and is a talented hip hop musician and producer, based in Vancouver BC Canada.




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