Surrey Sikh Wedding Reception Dance Show

The Changster Bboys were back in action again, for a Sikh Wedding out in Surrey BC Canada, at Mirage Banquet Hall to perform their signature Hip Hop show, with beats by Changster DJ and the Bboys busting out their epic breakdance moves…

The Sikh community is a culture of people who have made an eloquent impact on our lower mainland area of BC (Vancity), especially in the Surrey area of BC Canada.

They host beautiful and extravagant weddings, with a mix of traditional Punjabi culture and their Canadian heritage, so it only makes sense that Hip Hop culture and breakdance, would be a facet of some Sikh Weddings.

Changster Bboys shows up utilizing beats with a mix of Hip Hop and South Asian flavour to accommodate these unique and colourful wedding receptions.

A popular choice for Surrey Sikh Weddings, The Changster Bboys entertain and innovate with their mold of martial arts, acrobatics, modern and tribal dance moves, and their own creative expression, with great choreography and cool looking moves.

The Changster Bboys were in full force for this Surrey Sikh Wedding and the video is available at the above YOUTUBE screen.



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